Why You Should Adopt a Cat?



“All cats are independent and don’t care if you are there or not.” I hear this from people all the time.

Another is, “All cats don’t show love and they have minds of their own so you can’t get them to do what you want to.”

Both of these statements are true…sometimes. I happen to know that cats can and do show love; and some are even dependent on their person…if they deem that person is worthy.

Why, my cats even mind! I have taught them the “go” when I’m in the kitchen. (There is nothing worse that to have a cat under foot.)  I have also taught them to “get out of my way” and to “come” (although they are still working on that one).  Yes, I believe that cats will love, mind and even worship their person, just like a dog…well almost.

What made me a cat person you may ask?  I’m glad you asked.  When I moved into my new home, I wanted someone with whom I could share my life.  I really wanted a dog, after all, I had always had dogs. But, alas I didn’t have a fenced-in yard for a dog to play in. So, reluctantly, I adopted a cat.

I found myself adopting another to keep the first one , Monkeyface, company. People would ask me about cats, their behavioral problems, etc.  I did a lot of research on cats so I gave them the best information that I knew. Pretty soon, I heard someone refer to me as ‘cat lady’.  A name of which I am very proud.

Now, understand that I’m no expert.  I just know how my cats behave (or not).  All I know is that cats have had a  bad rep handed to them.

All cats are not alike.  They, just like dogs, have their own personalities, all are special in their own way. You cat people know what I mean!

In this blog, I will show how cats make a wonderful, loving pet. I will show you pictures that will melt your heart, and provide article and a few stories.  Feel free to send things that you want to share. 

If you still need convincing, just stay tuned to Cat Pleasures!

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DISCLAIMER: I am not a cat behaviorist, vet, or an expert of any kind. Therefore, I can only claim that the statements made in this blog are based on my personal research and my 20 years of experience as a cat guardian only.

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