Harry at Home

As I promised last week, I am going to give you a peek at my home life in Harrot Reef Manor.  The manor house is a huge yellow Victorian with white gingerbread.  It has hardwood floors in some rooms that are so slippery that, if I run fast enough and then lean just right, I can slide right into the next room.  I love this game because it makes my charge, Nikki, and our roommate, Heather, laugh.

The most important cupboard in the house is the “The Magic Cupboard”.  This is where my food and treats are kept.   All I have to do is sit in front of it and stare at Nikki, and she will feed me.  Of course, if that doesn’t work I can always use my magical powers (as long as nobody’s around)!

In the afternoon, Heather gets my brush out and calls, “Brush, Harry, brush”.  I know then that she will brush my long, luxurious fur and I will trill and purr.  When she is done I head-butt her hand and rub my cheek against hers.

I  can hardly wait until after dinner when I hear Nikki pick up the latest Agatha Christie mystery that we are reading together. She calls me to the living room where we share the purple chair that is soft and cuddly. The crackling of the fire in the fireplace is soothing as I listen intently to the sound of Nikki’s voice reading just for me.

Well, that’s an average day in my life at Harrot Reef Manor.  I hope that you’ll come to visit us soon.

Next week:  Please join us for an interview with Sir Aslan, Harry’s grandfather.

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Meet Dewey


Hi there! This is Harry coming to you from the top of The Fence.  The final cat character from the first book of the Harry the Wonder Cat series is the fastest cat in town…Dewey!  Come on out here, Dewey.

Dewey:  *skids to a stop in front of Harry*  Hey, Harry!  How’s tricks?

Harry:  *smiles* Just fine, Dewey, and I see your still living in the fast lane.

Dewey:  It’s the only way to live!

Harry:  Speaking of living, thanks again for your help in the last mission.

Dewey:  Sure, anytime Harry, you know that!

Harry:  Just a couple of questions.

Dewey:  Okay…shoot!

Harry:  You being the fastest cat, it was only right that I used you as the runner in the case.  How do you keep in shape?

Dewey:  Well, that’s easy…a lot of calisthenics and walks on the docks.

Harry:  I can see the calisthenics, but what do walks on the docks do for you?

Dewey:  *licks his chops* Why, all the fish I can eat, of course!

Harry:  *lets out a deep laugh*  Of course!       *clears his throats and waits for Dewey to stop laughing at his own joke*       Do you have another mission planned?

Dewey:  *shrugs his shoulders*  Well, right now I have a date with a salmon.  Excuse me.  *dashes towards the docks*

*Harry stares after Dewey*

Well okay then.  There you have it.  My three pals who co-star in Harry the Wonder Cat: The Legend of the Pink Diamond, which you can preorder  on Amazon now.

Next week, it’s an exciting day at home with yours truly.

Meet Ollie


Hi everyone!  Harry here.  Today we have the big guy and my good friend, Ollie.  Now Ollie is one cool cat, as you’ll soon see.  So, without further ado, here’s Ollie!

Ollie:  Thanks, Harry.  Appreciate the kind words.  *shakes Harry’s paw*

Harry:  Anytime, Ollie.  So, my burning question to you is this: what was the hardest thing about this mission?

Ollie:  I would have to say trying to get away from my guardians.

Harry:  Oh?  Why was that?

Ollie:  They want to keep me caged up.  They say it’s for my own good.  So they keep fixing my hole in the screen.  Every time I get it big enough for me to fit through, they fix the dang thing.  * through clenched teeth* Talk about frustration.

Harry:  Yeah, I can certainly see where that would cramp your style.  *shook his massive head vigorously*   Now that the case is over, what are you going to do?

Ollie:  Oh, you know me.  I’ll probably spend more time allowing my guardians to make over me.  I especially like when they pet my tummy.

Harry:  *rolls his eyes and mumbles*  Disgusting.

Ollie:  *looks suspiciously at Harry*.  Excuse me?  Did you say something?

Harry:  Why no.  You must be hearing things. *clears his throat*  I want to thank you for being with us this week.

Ollie:  *shakes Harry’s paw*  My pleasure.  What do you say…next Saturday night at The Fence?

Harry:  Sounds good.  We’ll get the whole gang together.

That’s all for this week, folks.  Don’t forget to see Ollie and the others in Harry the Wonder Cat: The Legend of the Pink Diamond starring yours truly.   Next week, our guest will be Dewey, the fastest cat on the block.