Saturday’s News

Harry’s got his whiskers in gear.  He has five suspects now.  Can you guess who the killer is?

Rhoda – The nosy neighbor

Roxey – The money-grubbing Goth girl

Stu – The handsome playboy

Grady O’Neil – The dastardly, dirty Sheriff

Robert – The deputy’s best friend


Share your thoughts and then see if you are right when you read the book!

A Little Help is Needed

In writing The Legend of the Royal Emerald”, I found that, to make it more interesting, Harry needs several different “powers” besides being acutely aware of danger (to keep evil away from his ladies) and the ability to communicate with his former owner from beyond the grave.

Please, put your thinking caps on and help to think of some great attributes that would make Harry more of a Wonder Cat.

Did you know?

Did you know that in Japan, cats are good luck, as are black cats in Australia?

Do you know any trivia about our furry friends?  Please share it with us in the comments.

Spring is almost here and BoBo hogged the only puddle of sunshine around.  Poor Mimi (again).

Harry Finds a New Suspect in Harry the Wonder Cat Series

Today, Harry found a new suspect in The Royal Emerald Legend.  This suspect was really very close to the victim.  Could he have gotten her out of the way so that he could have the Royal Emerald to himself?

(You may also notice that the title of the  book has changed.  That’s because Harry likes emeralds better than diamonds.)