A Tour of Harry’s Home Turf ~ Harrot Reef

Harry here…again!  Now that my book is out I thought that it would be an excellent time for me to take you on a grand tour of my town, Harrot Reef.

Harrot Reef is a little fishing village on the coast of Maine.  The Johnson family was the first family to settle there in 1815.

You can find all of the action down at the docks. Sometimes the fishermen will feed us cats from the daily catch. I love the salmon! Right across the street from the wharf is the hottest restaurant in town.  If we can’t get fish down at the docks, the Twilight is the place to go.  I would recommend the lobster Thermidor.  Mmm, exquisite!

The main street of Harrot Reef, which was conveniently called Main Street,  is six blocks up Kelly Hill.  From The Fence on Main Street, which is the meeting place of my gang, you can see most all of the little town.

Right across the street from our hangout is the town square.  Beautiful gardens surrounded the gazebo in the center of perfectly manicured lawn.  Tall trees that are built for climbing were on the four corners of the square, which the kids refer to as the park.

Next to the square is the City Hall where Sheriff Grady O’Neil sits planning his diabolical schemes against the Johnson family.

Abel’s groceries was across the alleyway on the other side of the square. You can get all that you could ever possibly need in the little store that has been around since there was a need for a grocer.

Down the street was Martha’s Hangout.  The diner has been around for over twenty years and Martha runs it like clockwork.  Martha’s, as the diner is known, makes the best cheeseburgers and shakes in the county.

I like to round off my dining experience at the bakery across the street.  The Fat Cat Bakery is owned by Gene.  He and his daughter Roxey, have been serving the town’s people for quite some time now. I love to sit behind the building and inhale the sumptuous aroma of freshly baked bread. Their blueberry scones are to die for, too!

That’s it.  The whole of Harrot Reef in a nutshell.  Well, all of the important places anyway.  Now that you know the lay of the land, come join us!  Get Harry the Wonder Cat: The Legend of the PinkDiamond  today at Amazon.



Harry is Out!

Just a very short post telling you all that Harry the Wonder Cat is finally out of his carrier!  (And we all know how much he hates his carrier!)

He wants you all to come by Amazon  and pick up his very first book in the series.

On behalf of Harry and his gang, thanks!

(Harry will be conducting a tour of Harrot Reef next week.)

The Cat Kingdom

Hi everyone.  Can you believe it’s only a week until my book, Harry the Wonder Cat: The Legend of the Pink Diamond , which introduces me and some of the people of Harrot Reef, comes out? You can preorder it at a discounted price on Amazon for this week only.

Now that the big announcement is out of the way, I wanted to take you on a brief tour of the Cat Kingdom.

You need to know that no one actually knows where the Cat Kingdom is. To get there, you need to be escorted by an official messenger of the Cat King.  You simple touch his back, close your eyes and when the official tells you, open them to a brand new world.

The first thing your senses will take in is the scent.  It’s unlike any other you have known in the human realm of existence.   It’s indescribable really, but if one were to try, it’s a cross of cotton candy, chocolate, and the sweet smell of jasmine. 

Then you will notice the glitter everywhere, on the ground, statues of regal cats, even the castle itself.  The sky is raining down these sparkly, golden pieces of tiny substance nonstop, night and day. The next thing you may notice is the sound of sweet, melodious music.  This music has never been heard before and won’t be heard outside of the kingdom. If you are a special guest of the king, you can look up to the sky and see a rainbow shoot an arc over the castle.

Speaking of the castle, it has a gatehouse where two cat guards stand tall to greet you into the castle grounds.  The courtyard is expansive.  It, too, is covered in golden glitter that sparkled in the sunshine.  The colors of the rainbow are brighter than colors are in the human realm. At the castle door there are two more cats to greet you.

Once inside you will find yourself in a great hall surrounded by portraits of the most regal cats that ruled the kingdom hanging on the walls.  At the end of the hall is an extraordinary room with a golden, bejeweled throne in it and a red carpet leading up to it.  This is, of course, where you will find the king.

Well, that’s it.  The Cat Kingdom in a nutshell.  Next week, I’ll give you a tour of Harrot Reef, where I live.  In the meantime don’t forget to preorder your discounted copy of Harry the Wonder Cat: The Legend of the Pink Diamond. 

Meet Sir Aslan

Harry here! I wanted to take this time to introduce you to the most important cat in my life…Sir Aslan, otherwise know as my grandfather. Come on out here grandfather.

Sir Aslan:  How are you, Harry my boy?

Harry:  *bows* Just fine, Sir.

Sir Aslan:  *taps Harry on his head* Get up.  Today I speak to you as your grandfather and not as a knight.

Harry:  *straightens up and clears his throat* Yes Grandfather.  Well, I’m sure that my audience would like to know a little bit about you.

Sir Aslan:  Like?

Harry:  Like how did you receive your knighthood?

Sir Aslan:  *sighs* Well, as you know, I saved the Cat Princess from drowning.  The Cat King was so appreciative that he granted me a knighthood.

Harry:  How long has it been since you became a knight?

Sir Aslan:  *looks to the heavens obviously thinking* Well, it must be about seven…no eight centuries now.

Harry:  Wow! *shakes his heads in amazement*  One final question.  What was your proudest moment?

Sir Aslan:  *beams* That’s easy, Harry.  The moment I that you became a knight, too!

Harry:  *blushes and bows his head in embarrassment* Thank you, Grandfather.

Sir Aslan: *taps Harry’s head* Anytime,  my boy!  Anytime! *turns and marches out of sight*

Harry: *sighs as he watches the Great Sir Aslan retreat in silence*  Well, there you have it, my grandfather, Sir Aslan.  Read about him and the rest of the magnificent cats and their humans in Harry the Wonder Cat: The Legend of the Pink Diamond .  Preorder yours now at Amazon.

Harry:  Next week, please join us for a tour of the Cat Kingdom.

Harry at Home

As I promised last week, I am going to give you a peek at my home life in Harrot Reef Manor.  The manor house is a huge yellow Victorian with white gingerbread.  It has hardwood floors in some rooms that are so slippery that, if I run fast enough and then lean just right, I can slide right into the next room.  I love this game because it makes my charge, Nikki, and our roommate, Heather, laugh.

The most important cupboard in the house is the “The Magic Cupboard”.  This is where my food and treats are kept.   All I have to do is sit in front of it and stare at Nikki, and she will feed me.  Of course, if that doesn’t work I can always use my magical powers (as long as nobody’s around)!

In the afternoon, Heather gets my brush out and calls, “Brush, Harry, brush”.  I know then that she will brush my long, luxurious fur and I will trill and purr.  When she is done I head-butt her hand and rub my cheek against hers.

I  can hardly wait until after dinner when I hear Nikki pick up the latest Agatha Christie mystery that we are reading together. She calls me to the living room where we share the purple chair that is soft and cuddly. The crackling of the fire in the fireplace is soothing as I listen intently to the sound of Nikki’s voice reading just for me.

Well, that’s an average day in my life at Harrot Reef Manor.  I hope that you’ll come to visit us soon.

Next week:  Please join us for an interview with Sir Aslan, Harry’s grandfather.

Don’t forget to order your copy of Harry the Wonder Cat: The Legend of the Pink Diamond.