Queen Cami


My name is Cami, Queen of the Catdom. I’m here you about my lives.

When I was born, my people immediately crowned me the queen of their lives. They never thought to replace me with some other cat for, in their eyes, I couldn’t be replaced. They gave me the adoration that I deserved.
Then, one day, my manservant brought home two small kittens. The whole family made over them as if they were the cutest, sweetest things ever to come into their lives. This was not acceptable. I would show them who the queen was around here.

So I turned around in a huff, stuck my tail straight up and walked to the door. My little girl came to the door. She had changed her mind after all. She knew that I was her only cat. But she just opened the door to let me out and turned to scoop up one of those despicable kittens. She used to be devoted to me, but not anymore. That was the end of my patience. After all, a cat can take just so much. I walked through the open door without turning back.

That was the end of my first life and the beginning of my second.

At first, it wasn’t so easy to be alone with no one to pet me. The first night was very cold and lonely, not to mention scary. I soon felt very hungry. Okay. So now what? I had never been outdoors before.
I heard a rustle in the tall grass. Then I saw it; a small field mouse coming right my way. I caught it. It was different from the food that I was used to, but when you are hungry, it doesn’t matter. You just eat what’s available and don’t complain.

That first night, I heard owls hooting and wolves baying at the full moon in the distance. Then, I heard a growl of a mountain lion very to close to me. I crouched down in the high grass, thinking that if I was very still, it might just pass me by. It grew louder and louder. I shook more and more with each passing moment. I didn’t feel quite like the queen any longer. All of my fur was standing straight on end. I held my breath as he passed by me.

Then the night of The Great Snow Storm. I was outside and so cold that I could see my breath right in front of me. The snow was blowing right past me and I couldn’t find a place in which to warm my weary bones.

Then I saw lights on in a house.  I had to take a chance that the people inside would take me in.  I ran as fast as I could to the deck and pressed my nose against the sliding glass door, letting out a pitiful cry. The man who opened the door was very kind he welcomed me into his house. I warmed myself by the fire while he made a bed and set out some food and water for me.

When the snow cleared, much to my surprise, the man didn’t turn me out. No, he just loved me and took care of my every need. This is my second chance at a good life.

Oh, as for my first people, they moved from the area, leaving me on my own. Don’t be too hard on them for it was my own doing. I left them, remember? So, the next time you see a cat that you think is stray, think again. He might be looking for you to be his servant.


These are some fun toys, some of which my cats have tried and loved, and some that they wish that their mom would buy. We think that your cats will enjoy them, too!


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How to Train Your Cat

Did you know that cats are trainable?  It’s true; with a lot of love and patience your cat can learn to do almost anything you want him to do (within reason, of course).  I, personally, watch every Jackson Galaxy’s “My Cat From Hell”, and on every program, he teaches how  to train your cat and their humans.  He almost always uses a clicker, which is designed specifically for training your cat.

I, myself,  trained each of my cats without the clicker, as I wasn’t aware they existed. Boy, I wish I knew then what I know now.  It would have made life a lot simpler.

You have to learn how to use the clicker, but once you do, it’s a piece of cake!  Below are two links to “How to…” books for using the clicker:
Clicker Training for Clever Cats: Learning Can Be Fun!

Clicker Training for Cats (Karen Pryor Clicker Books)

If you already know how to use a clicker and just want to invest one, you will want to click on the link below:

Bayppy Water Drop Shaped Pet Dog Training Clicker Kit Set with Wrist Band,2 colors 2pcs Dog Clicker Training System Tool for Dogs, Cats, Horses,Birds,Pets(Black+White)

A few general tips for training you cat are:

  1. Start off slow  ~ Do not expect your cat to leap over high hurdles.  Remember, this is a process that calls for patience on your part.  Small goals are most likely to be successful for you and your baby.
  2. Reward gains ~ Be sure to have lots of treats on hand for your kitty’s triumphs.
  3. Repetitions ~ Training has to be consistent.  Your cat learns best through repetition.
  4. Limits ~ Do not expect your cat to learn everything all at once.  Remember, just like with humans, learning takes time.  Again, approach the process with patience, love and rewards; lots and lot of rewards, both treats and praise.

There are other approaches that you can use along with the clicker training.  I readv a great one in Amy Shojai’s book, Complete Kitten Care

Amy Shojai, a writer of pet books, is another cat behaviorist that I truly admire. She has written many award winning books, one of which is, Complete Kitten Care.
One of her tricks is, when your cat is doing something you don’t want him to do,  HISSSSS!  That’s right, hiss.   It makes sense.  When he does not like what you are doing to/for him, he hisses.  Turn about is fair play.

I personally found that this tip works.  My 16 year old, BoBo, who is set in his ways, has the habit of jumping up on my very expensive chair, and start to knead.  Now, normally I wouldn’t mind, but as I said, this chair was too expensive to watch my cat tear it up. So, I tried hissing at him.  I admit, the first time he just stopped and looked at me, then waited until I turned away, and he started again. As I said above, repetition is the key to success. After the fourth hiss, he stopped and settled right down. There are so many other great tips in her book, Complete Kitten Care.

Of course, there are many other sites to go to find more tips on training.  Here are just a few:

Reader’s Digest

Love That Pet

Web MD

Our thanks go out to :

Jackson Galaxy

Amy Shojai